9. april 2008

Global Love Day - 1 maj (klik her)

Lige lidt inspiration fra Jeanette Mariaes blog. Her nogle vise ord fra The Love Foundations hjemmeside: "Simply be love. Let the love within your heart be the focus of your awareness throughout the day. Allow yourself to be accepting, forgiving, peaceful, joyful and in harmony with yourself and all life around you. Just be!
Allowing unconditional love to be your focus of attention is the main idea, and if you find yourself also wanting to actually "do" something loving or share the day with others, we have provided several categories to help give you ideas of how you may approach the day. See the links to the left or above. Each page will present suggestions that you can begin with. We encourage you to come up with your own inspired ideas and expressions as an example of your creativity.

2 kommentarer:


Ja, det er et rigtig godt tiltag. Lad os få mere fokus på den kærlighed. Det er jo det, vi lever på ;-)

Rikke Bruun Berthelsen sagde ...

Ja, det har du ret i. Der sker mange seje ting, når man er lykkelig, elsket og positiv ; )