6. juli 2008

Three of crystals

"Jump rope takes three or more people to play and is one of several childhood games that stimulates rhyme, song, and laughter. The game synthesizes active and passive behavior as children take turns holding the rope and jumping in the center. In many ways, this reflects the laws of community at their best. All participants are needed to create a rhythm of steady movement. The number 3 represents group activity, communication, and joy. This card symbolizes community spirit and the fulfillment achieved when all parties are personally involved. The jump rope pictured here is a rainbow representing the bridge or arc that can lead to world harmony. When the Three of Crystals appears in your reading, it may be time for you to redefine your purpose in the community and joyfully share the wisdom and gifts that you have to offer. Join groups. Get to know families and children in your neighborhood. Share your life with like-minded individuals who cherish and respect your view of life. If you have not found your group or a special circle of friends, now would be a fruitful time to deepen your inner joy in order to strengthen your self-confidence and personal resources. Above all else, remember to play." Husk at leg, husk sammenhold og samhørighed. Det skal jeg huske og har faktisk været på besøg hos underboen. I morgen venter en dag på fritteren, hvor muligheden for leg er der : )

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