20. maj 2008

Two of crystals

Balance is an integral part of the philosophy of ancient cultures. It is so important that it is represented in the zodiacal sign Libra. This sign represents justice, fairness, poise, equilibrium, and cooperation. The gnome children in this card are playing a favorite game of seesaw. In order to enjoy this game, the little gnomes must observe the rules of balance and cooperation; otherwise, the game can become dangerous. The empty swing in the background represents the independent activity of one person. On the seesaw, two people have come together-symbolizing the union of male and female qualities-to learn the lessons of polarity and relationship. If they are to succeed, they must work as a team and support one another. This card represents the first stage of conscious interaction. The owl, which is perched at the center of the log, signifies the wisdom of the middle ground that must be reached when individuals search for understanding and equality in relationship. Inherent in this card is the need for interpersonal sharing and the acknowledgment that ups and downs are a vital part of everyday life. This process is internal as well as external. The key is a flowing pattern that is beneficial to all concerned. Take good care of yourself, your relationships, and your health when you receive this card. Exercising mind, body, and spirit can bring you the agility to incorporate balance, whether you are alone or with a partner. Life can seem like a seesaw existence, but you can still have a wonderful time if you maintain a playful attitude." Balance!

2 kommentarer:

Jeannette Mariae sagde ...

Jeg må endnu engang sige, at de er så smukke de kort fra Isha Lerner. Det er længe siden jeg har trukket kort, har egentlig ikke haft lyst. Og den skal jo være der - ellers er det jo lige meget.

Strejker I ikke hos Jer?

Rikke Bruun Berthelsen sagde ...

Nej, desværre. Det er vi ikke udtrukket til at gøre til min store ærgelse. Men de strejker her i Gladsaxe kommune og så er man pludselig i to lejre, da jeg jo skal køre Max ind her d. 1 juni og det vil være noget skidt, hvis der stadig er strejke der. Men vi må jo finde ud af det.