28. marts 2008

Seven of wands

Måske skulle jeg prøve min chakra healing igen, jeg er faldet i søvn begge gange. Den er ellers så god, men jeg er meget træt om aftenen, så jeg kan ikke holde mig vågen til den slags. "The seven differently colored butterflies on this card represent the chakra system in the human body. It is an ancient tantric belief that each human body contains seven of mystic \lotus centers\ and that they are located at various levels along the spinal column. Through meditation and deep breathing, we can awaken the kundalini, or life force, which brings health to body, mind, and spirit. You may be ready to explore the depth and transformation available through chakra healing, flower remedies, or form of high-vibrational body attunement. A walk in nature could be beneficial. There you can open to the elemental healers who surround and protect our planet. As you heal your own body, you can learn to become a radiant healer for your friends and loved ones."

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