31. marts 2008

Dagens kort

Snehvide og de syg små dværge skal lære mig noget i dag ; ) "Hidden within the fairy tale of \Snow White and the Seven Dwarves\ is a major lesson concerning service to humanity and the utilization of wise discrimination. When this card appears in your reading, you may be at critical point in your journey toward spiritual enlightenment. Reflect on your recent travels, studies, and interpersonal experiences. Be discriminating in your choice of business associates and personal companions. Let your earthly life mirror your soul's longing to be of service to humanity and all the kingdoms of nature. Banish those aspects of yourself that are petty, vindictive, and harmful to others. Allow your words, heartfelt love, and understanding to form an inner radiant light that can heal friends, relatives, and the greater community."

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Dejligt kort igen, igen ;-)